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26 Jun

check out tirtha bali. an outdoor wedding venue by the cliff facing the indian ocean.

i had been to the place for a couple of times and it’s still stunning.


the beauty of gudang gambar

24 Mar

more photos of gudang gambar from its facebook. still in love with it even my wedding was done months ago…

these are not my wedding, but i adore the decoration.


9 Feb

i’ve never heard about plataran. not until a few days ago. if i knew about this place during my wedding preparation, i probably will do a survey visit.

from the photos in their website, the place look awesome. especially at night. they have 2 locations, in dharmawangsa & cilandak (both in south jakarta). i’m glad there are more and more beautiful alternative outdoor wedding venue in jakarta 🙂

more of gudang gambar

5 Feb

i don’t join facebook.

i know, it’s weird for someone who connected with internet every single minutes like me. but since i don’t want to follow the mainstream and claimed myself as anti-social, i’m too pride to join it.

but it makes me left behind with information sometimes, like i just found out that gudang gambar has its facebook account and store some beautiful photos of wedding there.

the decoration was by ibu atrina. too bad she wasn’t available on our wedding.

see more weddings in gudang gambar here and here

lacy luminarias

17 Dec

i think the idea of having these lacy luminarias is brilliant. they’re paper lunch bags with candles inside. just be careful not to burn the paper cover.

take a peek how to make them in martha stewart.

other wedding

17 Nov

12 days to go…

last sunday we went to gudang gambar to see the decoration of other people’s wedding. ours will be similar something like this, but we’ll have more variation of flowers and addition of some pale color from the flowers.

i just hope our caterer will do a better job, this one had a messed up table skirting and used shiny fabric!

but one thing amazed me. before i saw this wedding i thought there won’t be any room for any live music but they did. they placed the band on the flat roof! so stunningly amazing.

and one important thing, we need to pray A LOT for no rain. last sunday was only cloudy but no rain. i hope we’ll have the same luck during our time.







gudang gambar revisited

12 Nov

17 days to go…

photos from the meeting last week