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travel + love invite

2 Mar

i’ve been ignoring this blog for a loooong time. i’m just simply too busy with the newborn.

today, i found this invitation i love from oh joy!


nature inspired invitation

21 Oct

why didn’t i found this card before my wedding??

i love the simplicity, only one page and it’s orange!

taken from the scoop

french country

5 Jun

by wedding paper diva

how come i didn’t spot it during my search of wedding invitation design? love the color & the flowers’ silhouette

destination: wedding

19 Mar

i love maps.

it’s one thing i kept looking in an invitation. and i hate when people don’t really care about it and stick an ugly one as part of their wedding invitation.

today, i found one lonely apricot, the place you can made your custom made wedding invitation map. i saw the examples and love them.

bird and banner invites

18 Dec

i used to have a hard time, finding the right inspiration for my wedding invitation. yesterday i bumped into the invitates made by bird and banner. they’re postcards with fabric pouch!

love love love the idea… 🙂

(via 100 layers of cake)

left over invitation

24 Nov

5 days to go…


i suspect, instead of 200 printed invitations, we got 400! i still have 2 big piles left over after giving away all of them.

i really don’t know what to do with the left over. any idea?

one thing i realized, i’m very happy to get replies from some people who got our invitations, telling us they’re going to come or they can’t, but will send us their prayer. next time i get invitation from other people, i will try to reply it.

online invitation

14 Nov

15 days to go…

we’re happy to get married and would like to share the happiness with you.

comments from people who received our printed invitation: CUTE! 🙂

unlike our printed invitation which was done by a designer, we did our online invitation by ourselves. we want to make it simple and more casual since they’re for our friends.

but making an invitation is not that simple. my laptop crashed, -f- borrowed me his mac and it was weird working not using my own thing.

after a few days of designing together and never ending revisions, we were finally ready to send our online invitation by e-mail.

ditunggu kehadirannya ya 🙂