the venue survey

23 Sep

i don’t want the wedding in gedung, because it’s too formal.
here are some places in our list, mostly outdoor or semi outdoor, in south of jakarta:

1. rumah tanah baru
located in depok and the place is belong to the famous artist f. widayanto. i love the place until i realized the house is full of fragile ceramics! there will be some rascal children among the guests, so i crossed the place from my list.

2. omah sendok
the place is a restaurant, famous for the small budget wedding. it’s semi outdoor with a little pool in the middle. the place is free, tapi makananannya harus dari mereka. i was definitely going to pay DP for this place but when we tasted the food, we didn’t really like it.

3. bella rosa
beautiful rose. i passed the place so often but never really realize it’s for wedding. inside, it’s a party kind of wedding. a bit dark and kalau siang terlihat kusam. when we were there, they were preparing for a wedding and i was impressed with their seat arrangement for nikah. i keep the place on my list as back up.

4. gudang gambar
gudanggambar2 i instantly fell in love with the place. i really want it so badly for my wedding. the people there were very professional. the place is the backyard of a painting gallery with an open joglo and some frangipani trees. it’s the top on my list. bad news, they were going to sell the place.

5. rumah saya

rumahsaya2 located somewhere in pasar minggu. the road to get there is a bit narrow. the place is consist of several buildings. i didn’t like the main house and the backyard. but the joglo is awesome. too bad they placed the joglo on a tennis court.

6. gedung nestle/arcadia
when you survey there, just get into the spa and talk to the receptionist. the wedding place is by the swimming pool behind the spa. the place is nice but it’s too big for us. minimum for 800 people.

7. rumah kriya asri
i called the people there but no one picked up the phone. i decided to just show up there and pak satpam let us in. i wasn’t impressed with the place from the outside. when we got inside, it looked so plain. decoration needs to work hard here. and the gallery has ceramic flooring. it really turned me off.

8. rumah ranadi
it was already too late when i know about this place. but when i checked the photos here, it think i will put it on the 2nd place after gudang gambar.


2 Responses to “the venue survey”

  1. Nita October 20, 2009 at 10:38 am #

    if only i have the chance to change my wedding venue, i will certainly pick gudang gambar. lucky you! good luck for all the preps and looking forward ur updates!

    • -mf- November 4, 2009 at 2:55 pm #

      thanks 🙂
      i’m absolutely in love with gudang gambar too…
      we were lucky to get it since we started preparing the wedding only in 3 months.

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