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top 100 wedding blog 2011

6 Jan

i’m guilty. this blog has been abandoned for a looong time.

here’s top 100 wedding blog. among them i only know a few. i thought i’ve been spending too much time online already.

but for those who’s planning  a wedding. happy inspiration hunting 🙂


keep cooking…

8 Nov

i don’t update this blog that often anymore,  but the lunch box blog is updated almost every day…

after 10 months

24 Sep

10 months already! my life has been change ever since. here are some updates:

– i’m more than 5 months pregnant now! my tummy is getting bigger. and according to the latest usg, it’s a baby girl. we’re still trying to get a name.

– i’ve been cooking almost everyday now. check out my lunch boxes here.

– before the pregnancy, we had 3 honeymoon trips: manado, bandung and hongkong – macau. i stop traveling during the pregnancy, but i hope we’ll have thousands more trips after 🙂

– almost a year, and our wedding photo album is still not done yet! 😦

pre marital check up

30 Apr

i didn’t do this before i got married.

but i think i should. my sister recommended me to go to pondok indah hospital. but i hate the traffic to get there after the office hour. and i don’t want to spend my weekend in a hospital.

there’s this new cute hospital in kemang, not far from where i lived. after some browsings, i found out the hospital has many good reviews. so, let’s just do it there.

-f- offered to drive me there, but it think i could do it myself. the hospital is small and nice. no one there for the lab except me. great. i don’t have to wait.

the lab girl tried my right arm for blood sample but failed. my vein is too tiny. then she tried again with my left arm. this time with baby needle. she needed to do 8-9 tests with blood, so lots lots of blood was taken from me 😦

i was a bit weak after the test, regretted didn’t let -f- drive for me. luckily, the hospital is not far from home and since my car is automatic, i relied on my right arm to drive.

i arrived home safe and sound. but with weak left arm. and dizzy.

shoes embellishment

14 Apr

found them from etsy 😉

helpful forum

11 Feb

i’m sorry weddingku, but i like female daily  forum better.

1. female daily forum include photos.
i mean this is about wedding. all kind of beautiful things going on here. how can you judge something without photos?

2. better moderation
you can see the forum is well organized. everything is put neatly on the right place. it’s much easier for people to find information. and they’re strict, never allowing self promotion. i hate self promotion when reading forum. ganggu banget.

i wonder where are the moderators in weddingku’s discussion? self promotion is everywhere. the same topic of discussion are scattered in several places.

3. full of information
unlike only writing: please send me email blablabla, the forum in female daily really write about the member’s personal experiences. people just need spend time to gather information.

in the mood of greeting cards

1 Feb

after organizing those greeting cards yesterday, i realize i love getting beautiful cards. the one that designs well and carefully picked.

here are some greeting cards i admire from oh joy! shop