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the bamboo boxes

27 Dec

here are the boxes -f- get to pack the seserahan for me. just plain bamboo. i love showing the simple nature of bamboo without any color addition.

inside the box, the seserahan is wrapped with orange paper, and some fresh white flowers (jasmine, lily, rose) placed on top of it. another unique thing i found inside each blog, a paper crane is placed for guarding the seserahan.


martha stewart cover

25 Dec

a few months before the wedding, i saw this martha steward wedding magazine in changi airport, but didn’t buy it. i love the cover and it stayed in my mind for a while so i asked my brother when he came back from US to buy it for me. but he was in the hurry catching flight back and didn’t have time to get it.

until now, i still love the colorful cover of the magazine. love to have summer wedding with balloons.

thanks to alfabet

24 Dec

thanks to alfabet, we received a lot of compliment about the food. i only tried a little of it and too busy to care about the taste.

but i love the way they have so many dessert *i’m a dessert freaks*. and after the wedding, there are still many left over food. and because it was a small wedding, some people really enjoy the food tanpa harus rebutan.

bubble freaks

23 Dec

why didn’t cross my mind to give away bubbles to the children attending our wedding? i would love to have our place full with bubbles and children playing with them.

photo of grace & dominic wedding taken from max wanger blog.

with this ring, i marry you…

22 Dec

remember when i said i don’t want tempat cincin berenda atau beludru? -f- didn’t dissapoint me and came out with an idea placing the ring in a bowl, decorated with jasmines and bird cranes!

the bird cranes are so me. i love the idea. thanks -f- 🙂

the cute button

21 Dec

i have only one niece, a 3.5 years old as cute as a button. she was excited about my wedding and had a great time meeting a lot of children and played with them.

on the wedding, she wore a peach dress made of an identical fabric as her mom. before, she refused wearing the dress because it was itchy. but after some alteration was made, she wore it happily. at nite, a cardigan was added.

here come the photos

20 Dec

after a delay, we finally received the first batch of our wedding photos. they’re raw images, still need to be edited, but mostly are already good. love them!

we’re still waiting for the photos from another photographer. i wonder how come he hasn’t give his photos after all this time? after getting the completed photos, we have to selected 120 of them that will be included in the photo album.