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payung tasik

7 May

you know what this photo reminds me? payung tasik!

payung tasik can be used as beautiful decoration. but where can we buy payung tasik in jakarta?

photo taken from heather & james’ wedding via green wedding shoes


lost in (flower) translation

25 Feb

when decoration guy talked about flowers, i lost in translation. sometimes i know the shape but don’t know the name.

after some research, here are flowers usually used in weddings in indonesia.
any other flower i miss?
photos are from my personal collection except for carnation & gerbera. they’re from gettyimages and corbis.


29 Jan

image source: 100 layer cake

if i can turn back my wedding and add something, i would like to have fireworks. not the big one in the sky but the stick ones, where people can hold it *is it still called fireworks in english? not sure*

firewoks always reminds me of happy times: as kid we almost always have it during the ramadhan nights to play with other children. and as grown up, i use it to play with my niece.

image source: green wedding shoes

the summary

26 Jan

wedding organizer: nolita

venue/decoration: gudang gambar

catering: alfabet

photography: luminaire

souvenir: sunflower seed

music: cds, with songs carefully picked by the groom. they’re the beatles and some swing jazz

invitation: custom design by ami

kebaya & suit: custom made

ring: kaliem – melawai

guestbook: custom made

KUA: cilandak barat, jakarta selatan

bubble freaks

23 Dec

why didn’t cross my mind to give away bubbles to the children attending our wedding? i would love to have our place full with bubbles and children playing with them.

photo of graceĀ & dominic wedding taken fromĀ max wanger blog.