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smell like greeting cards

31 Jan

i’ve been wanting to stick the greeting cards we got onto our guestbook. but since i was too lazy, i’ve been postponing to do it until today.

thank you for all the greeting cards 🙂 we love them!



29 Jan

image source: 100 layer cake

if i can turn back my wedding and add something, i would like to have fireworks. not the big one in the sky but the stick ones, where people can hold it *is it still called fireworks in english? not sure*

firewoks always reminds me of happy times: as kid we almost always have it during the ramadhan nights to play with other children. and as grown up, i use it to play with my niece.

image source: green wedding shoes

towel cake

28 Jan

image source: rumah kreasi.

it crossed my mind to have towel cake as our wedding favour. it looks great, useful and reasonable price. but after some considerations, we prefer to have something more unique, ga pasaran, and will be remember days (or years, yeah i wish) after the wedding.

but i still heart towel cake. i want to attend a wedding with towel cake as favour.

the summary

26 Jan

wedding organizer: nolita

venue/decoration: gudang gambar

catering: alfabet

photography: luminaire

souvenir: sunflower seed

music: cds, with songs carefully picked by the groom. they’re the beatles and some swing jazz

invitation: custom design by ami

kebaya & suit: custom made

ring: kaliem – melawai

guestbook: custom made

KUA: cilandak barat, jakarta selatan

how stressful…

20 Jan

if you think preparing the wedding is not that stress, wait until the last day.

2 days before a wedding, i found a pimple near my nose. i rarely got pimple and why in all this time, the pimple decided to show off right before the wedding??

and as if the pimple problem was not enough, my left eye got pink because of contact lens. so there i was one day before the wedding, in RSPI’s eye clinic trying to get miracle.

“ini cuma iritasi, kontak lens-nya jangan dipakai dulu,” the doctor said.

“tapi besok saya akan menikah dok.”

the doctor looked at me with pity and gave me an eyedrop recipe.

“coba kompres pakai air es, mudah-mudahan bisa cepat sembuh,” she added some tips.

there’s no way i’m going to wear glasses on my wedding day, so i decided to wear contact lens on my right eye only. the left eye was a blur sight.

just before i got my hair done, the wedding organizer girl stared at me (at my pink eye to be exact).

“tadi malam ga tidur ya? matanya merah.”

then i had to explain everyone about this. and asked the photographer specifically to edited the photo wherever my pink eye can be seen.

luckily, the pink on my eye was getting paler and paler. i hope not many people noticed it.

coffee bean

19 Jan

no offense for those you give away fans as favour to their guests. but like a friend say, kipas lagi, kipas lagi. so i really adore those people who are creative with their favours.

like one time, i went to a wedding of a friend’s of mine, i got a little pocket of coffee bean! i love it so much. i put it in my bag and inside my bag smell like a wonderful coffee.

kain batik sidomukti

18 Jan

salah satu kado yang paling mengharukan adalah jarik (kain batik) motif sidomukti yang dibuat sendiri.

sido = jadi, mukti = hidup bahagia.

dalam tradisi kami, jarik sidomukti diberikan sebagai lambang do’a buat orang yang disayang dan dihormati.

kado ini baru kami terima sebulan setelah kami menikah, karena memang butuh waktu sebulan untuk membuatnya.

makasih ya tata 🙂