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more and more boxes

18 Nov

11 days to go…

-f- needed to buy more boxes so we headed to stasiun cikini last weekend. it’s the place under the train station with shops selling boxes, baskets, and all kind of packages for seserahan.

i like the place better than mayestik. less crowded. and you can give your seserahan to them to be decorated. i saw a bed cover was turned into a huge elephant. so cute. but i think i’ll decorate my seserahan by myself. i don’t want them to have gold ribbon or shaped into a swan. i just want them to be nice and simple 🙂



25 Oct

1. wedding ring udah dipesan di toko kaliem, melawai. katanya sih 2 minggu jadi. kita udah liat contoh grafirnya dan disini cukup rapih. –> tinggal tunggu jadi

2. voucher hotel untuk di manado udah dibeli! jadinya 2 malam di swiss-belhotel dan 2 malam di santika. –> tinggal beli tiket pesawat

3. biji bunga matahari stok baru udah dicoba ditanam dan tumbuh! 🙂 –> tinggal tunggu kantong kainnya jadi

4. undangan udah masuk percetakan –> diperkirakan selesai dalam 2 minggu

5. foto & formulir KUA udah dilengkapi & dikembalikan ke KUA

6. fitting kebaya sometimes minggu ini

7. sajadah udah dapet di ITC kuningan. patternnya bagus seperti yg gue mau & bisa dilipat. harganya cuma 1/3 dari harga di pasaraya!

mudah-mudahan semuanya lancar yaaaa….
wish us luck!


22 Oct

sajadah1-f- told me to choose any sajadah i like for part of mas kawin. we went to pasaraya where they have a special corner for sajadah.

i found the one with the pattern i like (photo on the left), tapi bentuknya seperti karpet banget. it’s not foldable. and i hate unfoldable sajadah. 

of course there are range of soft sajadah, the easy to fold one. i love that ones. i can carry it around, fold it and put it in my wardrobe, but i don’t like any of the pattern 😦

yes, i’m very picky…


pasar cikini

18 Oct


pasar cikini is one of the alternative to get gold jewelry in jakarta. in my case, i looked for white gold for mas kawin. it was my first time to be there. the location is just across stasiun cikini. come early because it will be easier to find a parking spot. the shops there open at 11 a.m.

i got a very beautiful flowery shape pendant. and of course the price can be bargained. good thing my future mother in law was there, so she helped with the bargaining stuff.