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lost in (flower) translation

25 Feb

when decoration guy talked about flowers, i lost in translation. sometimes i know the shape but don’t know the name.

after some research, here are flowers usually used in weddings in indonesia.
any other flower i miss?
photos are from my personal collection except for carnation & gerbera. they’re from gettyimages and corbis.


tupperware as a gift

15 Feb

image source: tupperware cantik.

ini nih tupperware yg kita dapet dari salah satu wedding gift. masih di kotak sih sampe sekarang. tapi gue yakin berguna banget. nanti pasti kepake *pede*.

buat ide juga kalau mau ngasi kado yang ga berupa uang daripada sprei lagi sprei lagi (i got dozen of them), tupperware bisa jadi alternative. lagipula kalau dapat tupperware beberapa yang sama juga tetap bisa berguna.

makasih teh ika untuk kado tupperwarenya ­čÖé

sloan photographers

13 Feb

love love love the engagement photos of stacie & geoff  by sloan photographers.

helpful forum

11 Feb

i’m sorry weddingku, but i like female daily ┬áforum better.

1. female daily forum include photos.
i mean this is about wedding. all kind of beautiful things going on here. how can you judge something without photos?

2. better moderation
you can see the forum is well organized. everything is put neatly on the right place. it’s much easier for people to find information. and they’re strict, never allowing self promotion. i hate self promotion when reading forum. ganggu banget.

i wonder where are the moderators in weddingku’s discussion? self promotion is everywhere. the same topic of discussion are scattered in several places.

3. full of information
unlike only writing: please send me email blablabla, the forum in female daily really write about the member’s personal experiences. people just need spend time to gather information.


9 Feb

i’ve never heard about plataran. not until a few days ago. if i knew about this place during my wedding preparation, i probably will do a┬ásurvey visit.

from the photos in their website, the place look awesome. especially at night. they have 2 locations, in dharmawangsa & cilandak (both in south jakarta). i’m glad there are more and more beautiful alternative outdoor wedding venue in jakarta ­čÖé

the fun at photobooth

7 Feb

remember amelie? a movie with a lot of things going around photobooth? and isn’t it fun if we have a photobooth in our wedding?

the guests can do some (silly)┬ápose and they can take it home as souvenir! and it’s even better because we can have copy┬áfor all the photos. too bad i didn’t cross my mind to have one for our wedding. but i found iconlife can do┬áthis for wedding.

image source: iconlife

for limited budget, you can make yourself a photobooth. i think this is not complicated. all you need is a camera, a tripod, a fun background and a mobile printer (with stack of photo papers). of course you need someone who stay there all the time to push the click button.

and you can get more creative by adding a board where the guests can write anything.

image source: wedding bee

more of gudang gambar

5 Feb

i don’t join facebook.

i know, it’s weird for someone who connected with internet every single minutes like me. but since i don’t want to follow the mainstream and claimed myself as anti-social, i’m too pride to join it.

but it makes me left behind with information sometimes, like i just found out that gudang gambar has its facebook account and store some beautiful photos of wedding there.

the decoration was by ibu atrina. too bad she wasn’t available on our wedding.

see more weddings in gudang gambar here and here