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butterfly package

20 Sep

you can use the package for the guest’s favour, etc.

check out how to make it here.


cluthes for bridesmaids

17 May

need a present’s idea for your bridesmaids?
here is one:  pretty simple clutch from mollusa. i bet they’ll love it.

for indonesian online shop for cluthes, you can check rumah kado & c’est magnifique

the fun at photobooth

7 Feb

remember amelie? a movie with a lot of things going around photobooth? and isn’t it fun if we have a photobooth in our wedding?

the guests can do some (silly) pose and they can take it home as souvenir! and it’s even better because we can have copy for all the photos. too bad i didn’t cross my mind to have one for our wedding. but i found iconlife can do this for wedding.

image source: iconlife

for limited budget, you can make yourself a photobooth. i think this is not complicated. all you need is a camera, a tripod, a fun background and a mobile printer (with stack of photo papers). of course you need someone who stay there all the time to push the click button.

and you can get more creative by adding a board where the guests can write anything.

image source: wedding bee

towel cake

28 Jan

image source: rumah kreasi.

it crossed my mind to have towel cake as our wedding favour. it looks great, useful and reasonable price. but after some considerations, we prefer to have something more unique, ga pasaran, and will be remember days (or years, yeah i wish) after the wedding.

but i still heart towel cake. i want to attend a wedding with towel cake as favour.

the summary

26 Jan

wedding organizer: nolita

venue/decoration: gudang gambar

catering: alfabet

photography: luminaire

souvenir: sunflower seed

music: cds, with songs carefully picked by the groom. they’re the beatles and some swing jazz

invitation: custom design by ami

kebaya & suit: custom made

ring: kaliem – melawai

guestbook: custom made

KUA: cilandak barat, jakarta selatan

coffee bean

19 Jan

no offense for those you give away fans as favour to their guests. but like a friend say, kipas lagi, kipas lagi. so i really adore those people who are creative with their favours.

like one time, i went to a wedding of a friend’s of mine, i got a little pocket of coffee bean! i love it so much. i put it in my bag and inside my bag smell like a wonderful coffee.

moose bag

15 Jan

the moose bag from linda & harriet reminds me our little pouch for the guest’s favour.