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the treasures

6 Mar

because of her job, my mother in law traveles a lot. she collects kains (i hate to call it fabric) from places of her travel. some of the kains i got from seserahan.


the bamboo boxes

27 Dec

here are the boxes -f- get to pack the seserahan for me. just plain bamboo. i love showing the simple nature of bamboo without any color addition.

inside the box, the seserahan is wrapped with orange paper, and some fresh white flowers (jasmine, lily, rose) placed on top of it. another unique thing i found inside each blog, a paper crane is placed for guarding the seserahan.

more and more boxes

18 Nov

11 days to go…

-f- needed to buy more boxes so we headed to stasiun cikini last weekend. it’s the place under the train station with shops selling boxes, baskets, and all kind of packages for seserahan.

i like the place better than mayestik. less crowded. and you can give your seserahan to them to be decorated. i saw a bed cover was turned into a huge elephant. so cute. but i think i’ll decorate my seserahan by myself. i don’t want them to have gold ribbon or shaped into a swan. i just want them to be nice and simple 🙂

this week…

4 Nov

25 days to go…

  • terjadi tragedi undangan cetak ulang 😦 . it was my fault didn’t confirm about the time.
  • kotak seserahan udah dilengkapi. menurut pedagangnya terbuat dari daun pandan.
  • minggu ini fitting kebaya lagi. mudah-mudahan progressnya lebih baik ya… 🙂
  • setelah baca rundown, akan ada kid’s room. jadi supaya khidmad, selama akad nikah, anak-anak kecil akan ‘disekap’ dulu

kotak seserahan

21 Oct


hari minggu kemarin kita ke mayestik buat beli kotak seserahan. itu pertama kali gue ke mayestik bagian pasarnya. ternyata pasar banget ya 😯 agak susah cari parkir (untung dapet) trus karena minggu banyak toko yang tutup juga.

akhirnya ketemu satu toko di pojok yang jual ibu-ibu tua. satu toko penuh kotak seserahan berbagai bentuk, material dan warna. -f- beli yang plain bamboo, warna bambu ga dicat sama sekali. gue beli yang anyaman warna coklat tua. sayangnya ukuran yang kita mau cuma ada sedikit. masih kurang beberapa. jadi kayaknya harus balik lagi deh kesini nanti-nanti.

kalau mau suasananya lebih beradab & ga pasar banget bisa beli kotak seserahan dibawah stasiun cikini. tempatnya lebih enak & lebih lega.

ps: penasaran kotak yg gue beli itu anyaman apa ya. seperti tikar gitu. -f- bilang daun kawung (never heard those kind of leaves), menurut gue dari daun papirus (-f- laughed).

bagus bagus

14 Oct

kotak1i was in citos last weekend when i spotted some boxes with batik cover in a little shop called bagus bagus.

i love the boxes so much that i think i can use them for my seserahan boxes. but i’m not sure about this since seserahan boxes usually have transparent part on the cover.

but probably i can use the idea for our guestbook. the guestbooks cover is padded with batik clothes like the cover of the boxes.



4 Oct

kebayaseserahani had another trip to itc kuningan yesterday. my mission was to get kebaya for seserahan. after browsing happily through some boutiques, i finally settled myself in tidito. it’s on the first floor and i like their kebaya products the most compare to the others.

i got a white kebaya with pink (or peach?) embroidery. it was love at the first sight. the only inconvenience thing about the kebaya is the sleeves are too short and reveal my big fat upper arm.

i also found other kebaya that i like. they’re similar. just different in details.


kaintiditotidito is really a recommended place for kebaya and kain. their kains have more range of pattern choices and colors. and compare to famous brand, they’re more affordable. the mbak2 was friendly and she lets me took photos.

this itc kuningan trip was an unhealthy activity for my wallet. i did some impulsive shoppings with excuses they’re cheap and look good. but anyway, i was happy.