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kebaya encim by diana rikasari

22 May

i love diana rikasari‘s kebaya encim and what she did to it.
check it out here.


dian’s turn

19 May

image source: fajar lifestyle

diandra paramitha sastrowardoyo  got married yesterday. it caused many broken hearts but look at her. so beautiful in white kebaya. the akad nikah was held at the dharmawangsa hotel with traditional javanese ceremony.

and here’s the picture of her on the engagement day last february. she looks stunning in red kebaya. the question, who design her kebayas?

image source: arsip berita

her fiance was in the traditional clothes from south sumatra. and probably dian wore songket too.

the summary

26 Jan

wedding organizer: nolita

venue/decoration: gudang gambar

catering: alfabet

photography: luminaire

souvenir: sunflower seed

music: cds, with songs carefully picked by the groom. they’re the beatles and some swing jazz

invitation: custom design by ami

kebaya & suit: custom made

ring: kaliem – melawai

guestbook: custom made

KUA: cilandak barat, jakarta selatan

i’m not at home, but my shoes are. leave them a message.

26 Nov

3 days to go…

after getting the wrong pointy shoes that i hate, i finally get the white and simple peep toe that i love. they are 7 cm heels and i think i need to practice walking on them. so since last night, i walk around the house with the shoes.

my kebaya is done and dry cleaned too. now, i just have to create a list of things to bring to the venue, so i won’t miss anything.

mom’s kebaya

20 Nov

9 days to go…

while my kebaya is still on endless progress, my mom’s kebaya is already done.

she’s not in jakarta yet so she hasn’t have chance to try this on. it looks great.

here’s the fabric of the kebaya.

kebaya fitting part 3

19 Nov

10 days to go…

i hate to admit that my kebaya is still in the making. i had my last fitting and it was still not right. because the kebaya is heavier after the beading, the gravity pull it down and now the bustier is protuding.

and please ignore the buttons, there are so many of them so i didn’t button them all. they look messy in the pictures.

his outfit – done

15 Nov

14 days to go…


in only about 2 weeks, -f-‘s outfit is done.
and mine? it’s already almost 8 weeks and my kebaya is still in the making ūüė¶

the designer promised me this week then he postponed it again until next week.¬†now, i’m having¬†a panic attack!