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we’re married…

30 Nov


alhamdulillah. semuanya lancar. i had a great time. and it wasn’t as tired as one day trip to singapore. waktu akad nikah sama sekali ga hujan, cuma mendung-mendung aja. waktu gap antara akad dan syukuran pernikahan sempat hujan gerimis. tapi sedikit demi sedikit berhenti.

makasih untuk semua yang sudah datang dan mendo’akan 🙂

we’re off to manado tomorrow. stay tuned coz more stories to come after we get back.


(1000) paper cranes

28 Nov

no, i didn’t make 1000 paper cranes.

for unknown reason, i always want to have an origami element on my wedding. first i was going to make kusudama flower for the top of our pens decoration for the guestbooks. but the paper flower didn’t stick nicely on the tip of the pen.

when i tried with paper cranes, the pens look awesome! i asked -f-‘s opinion about this and he loves it too. luckily, i still have some origami papers that i bought online. a few days before the wedding, i folded 5 cranes for the pens and place them inside a bamboo pencil tube.

some links:

kids rule!

27 Nov

2 days to go…

instead of pengajian, we have some orphaned children to come to our house and pray together yesterday. we invited about 40 children and i prepared meal boxes from macdonald’s.

they came with their colorful clothes. i think our house had never been that colorful before. as children, some of them played, cried and ran out to the garden (to see the fishes) during the prayer. but it was fun. i had great time. too bad my little niece were not there.

i’m not at home, but my shoes are. leave them a message.

26 Nov

3 days to go…

after getting the wrong pointy shoes that i hate, i finally get the white and simple peep toe that i love. they are 7 cm heels and i think i need to practice walking on them. so since last night, i walk around the house with the shoes.

my kebaya is done and dry cleaned too. now, i just have to create a list of things to bring to the venue, so i won’t miss anything.

tag me out

25 Nov

4 days to go…

i received the tags from our designer yesterday. they were already cut and folded!

this morning, i placed them inside the little bags. my back hurt after. i probably have to wait to fill the bags with the seeds. maybe a day or two before the wedding.

left over invitation

24 Nov

5 days to go…


i suspect, instead of 200 printed invitations, we got 400! i still have 2 big piles left over after giving away all of them.

i really don’t know what to do with the left over. any idea?

one thing i realized, i’m very happy to get replies from some people who got our invitations, telling us they’re going to come or they can’t, but will send us their prayer. next time i get invitation from other people, i will try to reply it.

a friend’s wedding

23 Nov

6 days to go…

last saturday we attended a friend’s wedding. this is the first wedding we attend during our wedding preparation. the traffic was terrible. but when we got there, the building was nice, surrounding with big green garden. we even parked our car on the grass, under a tree!

it was a small wedding, not crowded. people didn’t have to wait on the line to get food. i hope our wedding will be during a nice weather (read: no rain) like theirs and i looove not too crowded wedding.