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the summary

26 Jan

wedding organizer: nolita

venue/decoration: gudang gambar

catering: alfabet

photography: luminaire

souvenir: sunflower seed

music: cds, with songs carefully picked by the groom. they’re the beatles and some swing jazz

invitation: custom design by ami

kebaya & suit: custom made

ring: kaliem – melawai

guestbook: custom made

KUA: cilandak barat, jakarta selatan


thanks to alfabet

24 Dec

thanks to alfabet, we received a lot of compliment about the food. i only tried a little of it and too busy to care about the taste.

but i love the way they have so many dessert *i’m a dessert freaks*. and after the wedding, there are still many left over food. and because it was a small wedding, some people really enjoy the food tanpa harus rebutan.

project cupcakes

19 Dec

i didn’t have cake on my wedding, but if i had, i probably would go for cupcakes.  they’re cute and no cutting drama involved.

here are some of cupcakes for weddings, all from maki cakes.

moroccan lamb & empal gentong

16 Nov

13 days to go…

my family select and take care of the catering. they’re buffet menu and a few stalls. but there are 2 special cuisines represent our family background: moroccan lamb from my arabic side and empal gentong from -f-‘s sundanese family.

funny thing, i’ve never tasted those cuisine before. not until the test food. i grew up with dad who were not allowed to eat lamb, so lamb was rarely found on our table.


photo of moroccan lamb from closet cooking.
photo of empal gentong from waltz of the flowers and love

test food

19 Oct

alfabet came with boxes of food: empal gentong, tengkleng, sapi lada hitam, ayam panggang madu, lidah cabe hijau, nasi gudeg, lasagna, udang mayonaise, lumpia udang, sate padang, gorengan, siomay, etc, etc.

i’m very bad at judging food, for me they were all fine. but my family said they’re delicious. there were so many of them, still have left over until the next day.

akasya vs alfabet

12 Oct

i shouldn’t compare akasya and alfabet because they’re not in the same league. our first choice was akasya, but after recommendation from our wedding organizer, alfabet is the one.

it’s not because akasya is worse, but akasya is not really easy to get deal with. they’re a bit strict. and because of using alfabet we save a lot . according some reviews online, many couple statisfied with alfabet.

i hope they’re really that good. the test food will be next week