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engagement: present

1 Oct


i almost forgot to record the food brought by -f-‘s family. they’re cookies, cake and all kind of fruits. the cookies are lebaran cookies like nastar, kastengel and a few others.

pais kocia pyramid shape traditional cake wrapped in banana leaves is placed inside a dimsum bamboo basket. it’s my first time to taste the cake. they said it’s from their homeland. the name is pais koci.

the one i like the most is the tin jars they use to store rengginang and opak. it’s like kerupuk tin but smaller size. very unique.


engagement: meal

26 Sep

there were total 11 people attending the engagement day from both side of family. small number compare to typical indonesian family. it was very fine. my mom was a bit nervous and stress, kept screaming the food is not enough.

it was in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner. we bought sate pancoran and bakmi gm (including the famous pangsit goreng). the food was delicious, but it was not warm enough.


engagement: fresh flower

26 Sep


got sunflower for the engagement day. bought in kemang rp 35.000 for 10. i think the flower really made the room. and it’s the flower of wedding’s theme.


engagement: traditional cake

26 Sep


kuebasahlamaranberkunjung ke pasar kue subuh blok m on the morning of engagement day. so many cakes, so little time. kue yang diincar adalah yang sudah diatur cantik diatas talam & daun pisang, tapi ternyata yang pakai talam bambu lagi ga jualan. mungkin karena masih dekat lebaran jadi masih libur.

we bought 2 trays with various kue basah beautifully place on them.

engagement: outfit

26 Sep

engagementoutfithere’s the outfit for the engagement day. no, i won’t wear kebaya since it will be a simple engagement party. only our small family will be there.

top: pink tunic from accent
bottom: white pants, costum made from thai silk
shoes: charles & keith

i probably won’t wear shoes since it will be at home anyway.

engagement: chinaware

25 Sep


my mom is so happy because she has the opportunity to use her old zwibelmuster collection. it’s so old that it’s still written made in czechoslovakia, the country you can’t find on today’s world map anymore.

we just realized we don’t have small bowls! maybe it will be combine will plain white bowl that we have.