travel + love invite

2 Mar

i’ve been ignoring this blog for a loooong time. i’m just simply too busy with the newborn.

today, i found this invitation i love from oh joy!


top 100 wedding blog 2011

6 Jan

i’m guilty. this blog has been abandoned for a looong time.

here’s top 100 wedding blog. among them i only know a few. i thought i’ve been spending too much time online already.

but for those who’s planning  a wedding. happy inspiration hunting 🙂

keep cooking…

8 Nov

i don’t update this blog that often anymore,  but the lunch box blog is updated almost every day…

the photo album

26 Oct

after almost a year, we finally got our wedding photo album.

i like the album’s look, the cover and the way they pack it. luminaire has a good product but too bad, their service is sucks.

here are some pages inside the album:

batik attack

22 Oct

remember the guestbook we made with struggle?

i found out this and i think her batik is lovelier and the book is neater :). too bad we didn’t know about this before.

nature inspired invitation

21 Oct

why didn’t i found this card before my wedding??

i love the simplicity, only one page and it’s orange!

taken from the scoop

after 10 months

24 Sep

10 months already! my life has been change ever since. here are some updates:

– i’m more than 5 months pregnant now! my tummy is getting bigger. and according to the latest usg, it’s a baby girl. we’re still trying to get a name.

– i’ve been cooking almost everyday now. check out my lunch boxes here.

– before the pregnancy, we had 3 honeymoon trips: manado, bandung and hongkong – macau. i stop traveling during the pregnancy, but i hope we’ll have thousands more trips after 🙂

– almost a year, and our wedding photo album is still not done yet! 😦